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(Price last checked: 05/03/2020, 11:42 AM)

Careful Words, Truths Left Unsaid

by Carter Thomas

by Services LLC

After going to prison for seven years, Nathan Shan realizes he needs to get his life back on track... especially to repay the kindness of the witness who stood up for him during his trial and sentencing hearing, lessening his sentence than what it could have been. Released, Nathan is given a secon... (read more)

3.9 out of 5 on Amazon with 7 ratings
Price: $7.99
(Price last checked: 11/16/2020, 3:35 PM)

17 Forex Trading Strategies Collection (4H and Daily Time Frame)

by Thomas Carter

Trading in the forex market has become one of the most popular forms of trading. It's a 24/7 job for many. But what if you don't want to become a full-time trader ? What if you just want to spend some time trading because you already have a job you like ? Or what if you're just looking to make a fe... (read more)

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(Price last checked: 10/30/2020, 8:41 AM)

Guess Who's the Latter-Day Prophet

by Molly Carter

by Cedar Fort, Inc. (31 Jan. 2019)

Who was the prophet whose parents taught him as a boy that when he cared for all he met, he would find great joy? THOMAS S. MONSON!... (read more)

3.5 out of 5 on Amazon with 7 ratings
Price: $7.99
(Price last checked: 11/15/2020, 11:50 AM)

Forex Made Simple: 20 Forex Trading Strategy (A Step-By-Step Trading Strat...

by Thomas Carter

Are you tired of going to your regular day job everyday just knowing that you are doing nothing more than just working to get by ? I know how the 9 to 5 feels and we all know it sucks!We all know we can’t depend on a corporate jobs these days because you never know when its time for lay-offs... (read more)

4.4 out of 5 on Amazon with 17
Price: $7.99
(Price last checked: 11/01/2020, 7:07 AM)


by Elizabeth Ellen Carter

by Business Communications Management; 1st Edition (January 28, 2016)

In her first posting as governess, Ella Montgomery discovers beautiful Blackheath Manor hides family secrets and suppressed passions. Mysterious piano music in the darkness of night draws Ella to the talented Thomas Worsley, the brother of her employer, the Earl of Renthorpe. Grievously wounded in t... (read more)

2.9 out of 5 on Amazon with 14 ratings
Price: $7.99
(Price last checked: 11/14/2020, 11:05 PM)

Forex Scalping Trading Strategies: How To Earn A Living Scalping Profits

by Thomas Carter

Are You Dissatisfied With Amount of Money You Earn While Dealing in Forex?

Forex traders looking to make quick bucks employ a method called forex scalping. They buy a certain currency and allow that position to stay only for a few seconds. In other words, ... (read more)

2.7 out of 5 on Amazon with 4 ratings
Price: $2.99
(Price last checked: 11/16/2020, 4:27 PM)

Bollinger Bands Trading Systems; Step-By-Step 7 Profitable Forex Trading S...

by Thomas Carter

When you are looking for ways to be successful in the forex market there are a few things you need to know. One of them is that there are strategies that every trader uses called forex indicators. These indicators help you decide when and where to make the trades that will get you the best results ... (read more)

4.8 out of 5 on Amazon with 145
Price: $0.00
(Price last checked: 10/30/2020, 9:13 AM)

The Cash and Carter Family Cookbook: Recipes and Recollections from Johnny...

by John Carter Cash

by Thomas Nelson; Illustrated Edition (25 Sept. 2018)

Come to the Table with Johnny and June Carter Cash People the world over loved Johnny and June Carter Cash for their charismatic stage presence and powerful, soul-stirring music. But those who knew them personally remember them best for their warm hospitality and the meals from their kitchen. Family... (read more)

3.8 out of 5 on Amazon with 14 ratings
Price: $0.99
(Price last checked: 11/14/2020, 10:14 PM)

The Real Lincoln: From the Testimony of His Contemporaries (1904)

by Charles Landon Carter Minor

"Professor Minor, was indeed a brave man to make such startling revelations. In no uncertain manner he rends the veil and discloses 'The Real Lincoln.' The halo of glory which for more than fifty years has encircled the martyred President fades away." The Confederate Veteran, 1920In this ... (read more)

4 out of 5 on Amazon with 2 ratings
Price: $2.99
(Price last checked: 11/06/2020, 12:29 PM)

Baby's First Year: Month by Month Guide for Parents (Baby Milestones,...

by Christine J Carter

Are you a new parent with a new bundle of joy? Or probably you are expecting a baby and want to know what to expect the first year?Having a new person in your life is always something exciting, but when that someone was created by you, depends on you for everything and will be formed by your exampl... (read more)

5 out of 5 on Amazon
Price: $18.33
(Price last checked: 10/31/2020, 8:23 AM)

Transforming Sport: Knowledges, Practices, Structures (Routledge Research ...

by Thomas F. Carter

by Routledge; 1st Edition (January 12, 2018)

Sport sociology has a responsibility to engage critically with the accepted wisdom of those who govern and promote sport. This challenging collection of international research is a clear call for enacting the transformation of sport. The contributing authors argue that it is not enough to merely ad... (read more)

4.7 out of 5 on Amazon with 935 ratings
Price: $7.99
(Price last checked: 05/02/2020, 8:46 PM)

An Evil Mind (A Robert Hunter Thriller Book 1)

by Chris Carter

by Atria/Emily Bestler Books; Reissue edition (December 1, 2015)

A prolific and ingenious serial killer is unmasked by a Los Angeles detective with a dark past of his own in this “roller coaster ride that will leave you breathless” by Top 10 Sunday Times (UK) bestselling author Chris Carter.A freak accident in rural Wyoming leads the sheriffȁ... (read more)

4.3 out of 5 on Amazon with 23 ratings
Price: $2.99
(Price last checked: 11/15/2020, 11:56 AM)

How To Think Like A Fantasy Football Winner

by CD Carter

A psychological boot camp for fantasy footballers, "How To Think Like a Fantasy Football Winner" takes lessons from poker, sports, psychology, and neuroscience to help fantasy owners embrace a winner's objectivity and cope with luck's short-term impact.
<... (read more)

4.7 out of 5 on Amazon with 30 ratings
Price: $16.99
(Price last checked: 11/16/2020, 3:59 PM)

Red Summer: The Danger, Madness, and Exaltation of Salmon Fishing in a Rem...

by Bill Carter

by Scribner (May 13, 2008)

A vivid, unforgettable account of the danger, pain, and joy of working on a salmon fishing boat and living in a small village on the farthest edge of Alaska

Set in the tiny Native village of Egegik on the shores of Alaska's Bristol Ba... (read more)

4.2 out of 5 on Amazon with 27 ratings
Price: $3.99
(Price last checked: 11/23/2020, 8:42 AM)

An Extraordinary Haunting (Paranormal Tales from Wales)

by Michael Christopher Carter

Someone, or something wants him out..."You MUST read this book... It's as scary as hell...""I defy anyone not to be gripped by the opening paragraph..."Neil is counting the days until he can leave his terrifying student digs and go home for Christmas. For weeks he... (read more)

Price: $5.99
(Price last checked: 11/14/2020, 9:34 PM)

X-Files Classics: Season One Vol. 1

by Chris Carter

by IDW; Illustrated edition (October 29, 2014)

The X-Files Classics continues with the adaptations of the first season by Topps Comics. Included in this collection are "Pilot Episode," "Deep Throat," "Squeeze," "Conduit," and "Ice."
... (read more)

Are You Afraid of the DARK?

by: Theresa Jacobs, zombie slayer Horror writers shine the brightest during the dark days of October as everyone gets in the mood for ghouls, witches, and ghosts. The best part about horror is the myriad of scares to choose from. Writers from every walk of life long...

3 Ways to Stop Anxiety, Be in Control Despite 2020

by: Tanya J. Peterson, MS, NCC, Guest Author The year 2020 has challenged us in extreme and previously unimaginable ways. We’re facing uncertainty in almost every area of our lives. While there’s potential for growth on personal and societal levels, many of...

Sweet and… Naughty

by: M.K. Chester “He's more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” ― Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights As it’s Naughty November, talking about sweet romance might seem out of place. I beg to differ. My mother was watching a...

Nice Girls Don’t Finish Last in “Naughty November”

by: ID Johnson “You pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope. Tell me not that I am too late, that such precious feelings are gone forever.” ― Jane Austen, Persuasion It’s that time of year when cozying up with a good book by the hearth might just get more...

Falling for fall reading

by: Maggie Handsom “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” ―F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby Long, chilly nights are the perfect excuse to stay home, cuddle up, and read. There's no better time to read than in the fall. As if you need...

The Old-School Women’s (Murder) Club

by: Maggie (the great gumshoe) Handsom I’ve loved mystery books since I was a kid. I’ve read allllllll of the Nancy Drew books (and I do mean all of them, most of them twice), The Hardy Boys, Encyclopedia Brown, and The Boxcar Kids. My favorites are the mystery...

There’s no such thing as “too many books”

Have you heard of the Japanese word tsundoku? tsundoku — (n.) the act of leaving a book unread after buying it, typically piling it up together with other such unread books. As most book lovers can attest, tsundoku is a common occurrence. A book by an author we like,...

A Reader’s Guide to Traditional vs. Self-Published Books

Modern readers have what seems a never-ending selection of books to choose from, far more so than at any other time in history. With the rise of the self-publishing industry, the choices out there can be daunting. So how does the discriminant reader choose between...

Protect Your Books Like a Medieval Monk – With Curses

Being a scribe in the Middle Ages would have been slow, detailed, tedious work. Working every day but the sabbath, they sat silently in scriptoriums copying works in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. And beyond copying the books, they had to precisely cut parchment, make the...
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