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4.8 out of 5 on Amazon with 10 ratings
Price: $0.00
(Price last checked: 06/24/2020, 3:28 PM)

Arid Alarm (Climatic Climacteric)

by LB Carter

by Independently published

In the arid wasteland of distrust, only the strong survive.After a genetic trade, Valerie Acton is able to convince even her own brother that she is actually superhuman creator Jennifer Tate. Having achieved her goal, she can head back to her role as Natural Disaster Management Director, unless th... (read more)

4.8 out of 5 on Amazon with 7 ratings
Price: $3.99
(Price last checked: 10/04/2020, 10:49 PM)

Three Broke Souls: An imaginative dark supernatural fantasy (Loan Soul Boo...

by LB Carter

Darcie Rose thought a promotion would improve Hell. Instead she’s become the Devil’s henchman.A year since she started working for the Devil’s Deals Souls On Loan Exchange program, Darcie Rose has been promoted to demon. But the perk of portal-controlling powers doesn’t ... (read more)

4.8 out of 5 on Amazon with 11 ratings
Price: $3.99
(Price last checked: 09/22/2020, 6:10 PM)

Love Deserted: a tense yet romantic YA Disaster Distyopian (Deadly Earth B...

by LB Carter

***The finale to the award-winning, international bestselling trilogy!***In the arid wasteland of distrust, only the strong survive.After a genetic trade, Valerie Acton is able to convince even her own brother that she is actually superhuman-creator Jennifer Tate. With the superhuman... (read more)

4.7 out of 5 on Amazon with 8 ratings
Price: $3.99
(Price last checked: 09/22/2020, 6:10 PM)

Trust Burned: a gripping romantic YA Disaster Dystopian (Deadly Earth Book...

by LB Carter

***The sequel to the award-winning international bestseller***As the fire of fear spreads, some want to watch the world burn.Henley Bickford earned a scholarship to a prestigious university after building her own bionic hand. Consumed by the fire to save people with her inventions, she works in the... (read more)

4.8 out of 5 on Amazon with 6 ratings
Price: $3.99
(Price last checked: 10/04/2020, 10:35 PM)

Four Poor Souls (Loan Soul Book 4)

by LB Carter

Larkynn Bern had prepared for death. Instead, life won’t let her go. A painful death was inevitable as cancer ravaged Larkynn’s body, but the reaper’s pull came much sooner. And it toyed with her. After a near-death fall that did kill her best friend, her mind dragged her to th... (read more)

4.8 out of 5 on Amazon with 15 ratings
Price: $3.99
(Price last checked: 10/04/2020, 10:27 PM)

Two Sold Mates: An imaginative supernatural fantasy (Loan Soul Book 2)

by LB Carter

Darcie Rose thought she had escaped Hell. Instead it followed her to Earth.When she died, Darcie Rose did all she could to return to the land of the living, including signing on to Lucifer’s loan program as a substitute soul. Now she's stuck on Earth, dragged there by the very man who caused... (read more)

4.3 out of 5 on Amazon with 29 ratings
Price: $2.99
(Price last checked: 10/04/2020, 10:26 PM)

One Loan Soul: a dark yet whimsical occult paranormal romance

by LB Carter

Don't sell your soul to the Devil. Take out a loan instead!She may be deceased, but Darcie Rose visits Earth often. Substituting into the bodies of those who loan their soul to the Devil, she's Satan's top employee. But when her latest possession goes wrong, she's trapped in the realm of the living... (read more)

4.7 out of 5 on Amazon with 5 ratings
Price: $7.99
(Price last checked: 10/04/2020, 10:28 PM)

Deadly Earth Omnibus: A YA Disaster Dystopian Trilogy Boxset Plus Novella

by LB Carter

***The complete internationally bestselling, award-winning upper YA Deadly Earth Omnibus with over 1000 pages featuring 3 full-length novels PLUS a brand-new, exclusive novella!***The Earth has turned on its inhabitants. Humanity is threatened. Storms, wildfires, droughts; our home planet has becom... (read more)

4.4 out of 5 on Amazon with 18 ratings
Price: $2.99
(Price last checked: 10/04/2020, 10:29 PM)

Hope Drowned: a unique and mysterious YA Disaster Dystopian (Deadly Earth ...

by LB Carter

***A #1 International Bestseller, 14th Best Indie Book of 2018 by Read Freely***The waters of chaos are rising. It’s time to sink or swim.Sirena hasn’t spoken since the day she was found waterlogged on a riverbank. Her lips are sealed around a lone, horrific memory, keeping her deadly... (read more)

4.8 out of 5 on Amazon with 9 ratings
Price: $3.99
(Price last checked: 10/04/2020, 10:34 PM)

Fish(y) out of Water: a standalone quirky romantic suspense/thriller

by LB Carter

Suzanna Kane's move to big-city Boston might have been the first failure in Plan: Adult Life that a bottle of wine couldn't fix. The only thing unpacked in Zanna's new post-university, parent-free apartment was her pet fish. And it was dead....As was the body she stumbled over later that night.Thes... (read more)

Price: $0.00
(Price last checked: 10/14/2020, 5:40 AM)

Wolves Wood: a shifter & witch urban fantasy/paranormal romance (The Fox a...

by LB Carter

An ancient feud. Secret magic. Forbidden romance. Death puts a stop to all... or is it the cause?I’m an “abomination” — Dot Pearson, the fox-shifter fueled by black magic — and, as such, banned from Wolves Wood. In turn, the Mills Pack wolf-shifters avoid the city... (read more)

4.3 out of 5 on Amazon with 12 ratings
Price: $0.00
(Price last checked: 07/03/2020, 1:46 PM)

Discordia (The Elementals Book 0)

by LB Gilbert

by Candy Cap Publishing (March 18, 2018)

From USA Today bestselling and award-winning author L.B. GilbertA Fire Elemental, fae that eat the dead, and the apple that started the Trojan War…Fire Elemental Diana’s first solo mission is a disappointing one—stop a pack of carrion-eating fae from eating tourists in the Eve... (read more)

4.5 out of 5 on Amazon with 190 ratings
Price: $0.99
(Price last checked: 05/06/2020, 10:07 PM)

Sound Advice: a small town romance (Sensations Collection Book 1)

by LB Dunbar

by L.B. Dunbar Writes, Ltd. (June 2, 2014)

Small town romance with big hearts ready for love. The last place Emily Post wants to be is in this small town.The first person she meets reinforces her attitude. Jess Carter is brooding with a side of frustrating, infuriating, and too sexy. He's also a single father and his daughter has a secret.... (read more)

Price: $3.22
(Price last checked: 06/25/2020, 6:17 PM)

Ixion (Of Monsters, Gods and Heroes Book 1)


by Sisk Works; 1 edition (April 29, 2018)

Ixion has been spinning endlessly for eons. He spins—enduring the venom of snakes that bind him to a wheel of fire. Millennia have past and yet he still rages! Still curses those who have judged him! Each and every day, he vows that if he ever escapes his eternal punishment he'll set the wh... (read more)

4.7 out of 5 on Amazon with 14 ratings
Price: $3.99
(Price last checked: 05/03/2020, 1:20 PM)

The Wrong Side Of Us (The Right Kind Of Wrong Book 2)

by LB Reyes

by Limitless Publishing, LLC (December 18, 2018)

I can’t get her out of my head. I tried to forget about her. I tried to move on. But the longer we’re apart the more I realize forgetting Evelyn is just not an option for me.What we shared—the passion, the connection—it still burns inside my soul, and no amount of time ... (read more)

Are You Afraid of the DARK?

by: Theresa Jacobs, zombie slayer Horror writers shine the brightest during the dark days of October as everyone gets in the mood for ghouls, witches, and ghosts. The best part about horror is the myriad of scares to choose from. Writers from every walk of life long...

The Old-School Women’s (Murder) Club

by: Maggie (the great gumshoe) Handsom I’ve loved mystery books since I was a kid. I’ve read allllllll of the Nancy Drew books (and I do mean all of them, most of them twice), The Hardy Boys, Encyclopedia Brown, and The Boxcar Kids. My favorites are the mystery...

There’s no such thing as “too many books”

Have you heard of the Japanese word tsundoku? tsundoku — (n.) the act of leaving a book unread after buying it, typically piling it up together with other such unread books. As most book lovers can attest, tsundoku is a common occurrence. A book by an author we like,...

A Reader’s Guide to Traditional vs. Self-Published Books

Modern readers have what seems a never-ending selection of books to choose from, far more so than at any other time in history. With the rise of the self-publishing industry, the choices out there can be daunting. So how does the discriminant reader choose between...

Protect Your Books Like a Medieval Monk – With Curses

Being a scribe in the Middle Ages would have been slow, detailed, tedious work. Working every day but the sabbath, they sat silently in scriptoriums copying works in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. And beyond copying the books, they had to precisely cut parchment, make the...
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