Myran (A Stand-Alone Tale of the Four Worlds)

by Angela J Ford

Published Oct 09, 2017 by

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4.9 out of 5 on Amazon with 9 ratings

A haunting, emotional tale about the choices a young woman takes in a world full of terror and hopelessness.

Before the legend of the Jeweled Sword…

Before the power of the Green Stone was released…

Before the war between the mortals and immortals…

There was Myran. This is her tale.

Darkness has fallen in the South World, a land ruled by forces of evil and dark powers. Those who would resist live in hiding, hoping for the prophecy concerning the One to come true.

Born into a shadowed world Myran experiences her first loss when her parents are murdered before her eyes.

Adopted by the Green People she makes it her goal to hide from the woes of the world. 

As she grows older she struggles between  she discovers her actions will birth the most significant change in all of the Four Worlds.

The tale of Myran combines rich prose and haunting emotions with elements of fantasy lore and romance. Recommend for fans of Patricia McKillip.

A Note for Readers

This is a stand-alone fantasy that takes place in the Four Worlds.

If you wish to read The Four Worlds & Tales of the Four Worlds in chronological order, here is the breakdown:

The Five Warriors

Prison in the Sky

The Blended Ones


Eliesmore & the Green Stone

Eliesmore & the Jeweled Sword

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