The Scales: A Supernatural Horror Novel

by Paul Sating

Published Dec 06, 2019 by

Price: $2.99

(Price last checked: 09/20/2020, 4:39 PM)

4.3 out of 5 on Amazon with 9 ratings

Something lives underneath the desert.

And it's hunting.

Serenity is suffocating. Her family and the dead-end town hold no promise. The only hope for a future she has is to escape them both.

The Scales is a dangerous place, but it has always served as a sanctuary for Serenity. When a mysterious creatures bursts from the metal wreckage of the scrapyard, Serenity's peace is destroyed. Barely escaping with her life, she turns to those she trusts, but no one can help and many aren’t willing. Some even know what the creature is.

Viscious attacks increase as Serenity learns a frightening secret. Authorities can’t provide answers but Patch, the town’s homeless drunk, can. The information will change Serenity’s life. Betraying her mother is bad enough, but it pales in comparison to what Patch says must happen to stop the beast from killing.

Serenity is the key to freeing the population it threatens, but a mysterious organization known only as the Black Suits strips Serenity of her power to change fate. Facing a no-win decision, Serenity must decide which evil to serve.

There’s only one way to save her family and town, but she will have to give up everything she loves.

Fans of "big monster" horror and government conspiracies will love this frightening tale. Discover the secrets beneath the desert sands.

What Readers Are Saying About Paul Sating
"Another gripping page-turner from Paul Sating." - Stephanie, Amazon Reviewer
"Paul Sating is at it again! I love books that keep me thinking and my mind working , this is one of those that keeps you on the edge of your seat and you want to finish it in one sitting!" - Brian, Amazon Reviewer
"Paul never disappoints his readers." - Ann, Amazon Reviewer
"Paul Sating has done it again - don’t look behind you now." - Natalie, Amazon Reviewer
"Paul Sating pulls no punches, and his stories are so varied that I never got tired of them! I don't think I ever will!" - Cheyenne, Amazon Reviewer

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