Novel Idea to Podcast: How to Sell More Books Through Podcasting

by Paul Sating

Published Oct 30, 2018 by

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Want to sell more books?
Is marketing sucking the joy out of your writing?
There is a better way.

There is a simple answer to your book marketing problems, and it does not have to exhaust your marketing budget or require a full-time focus. You do not have to rely on paying for book ads. You can build an organic following who will buy your books because they believe in you.

How? By starting a podcast. Podcasting is a simple, fun way to find and build a passionate fan following. Relationship marketing is key to building those 1,000 true fans, and what better way to reach them than through your own voice and personality?

Novel Idea to Podcast is loaded with tips, tools, and tactics of the trade for anyone interested in getting into podcasting.

You'll find out how to get started:
-->Is podcasting right for you?
-->How to come up with an idea for a podcast.
-->The steps to execute and make your podcast a book marketing machine.

Perfect for every author, whether you write nonfiction or fiction, memoirs or short stories.

Newbies and advanced podcasters will benefit from Paul Sating's ten years of podcasting experience in many industries, from talk show to full-cast audio drama.

Want advice from experts in sound engineering, marketing, and script writing? You'll learn from multiple pros. Hundreds of years of experience are packed into one book.

-Why podcasting is perfect for authors.
-How to choose a category that's right for your book(s).
-All you need to know about podcast art.
-How to create a show that will compliment your book(s).
-Where to find listeners.
-How to launch with success.
-Plus, microphone and sound editing software recommendations.

And so much more!

Ready to accelerate your book sales?

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