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Spawn of Fury (The Days of Ash and Fury Book 3)

The name, spoken aloud, was a murder of the innocence of Tahr, and anyone within a thousand paces heard it die. The intentional utterance, the knowing expression of the name most foul by a living human being had despoiled the virtue of the world. The companions from the Grove make their way to Eyreloch, racing against time to petition the capricious Airies for assistance against the looming threat from beneath the surface of Tahr. The kingdoms of Mor and G’naath are leaderless. The once-great dwarven kingdom of Belgorne is led by its ill-tempered Secondson, Dohr Silverstone. The knights and rangers of Thornwood charge for the Maw to put an end to the evil that threatens the world, still unable to name their true enemy. Mila Felsin has failed in her quest for vengeance. Sartean D’Avers lives. An abomination born of the fires of Fury deals death and destruction from above – and yet even the great beast is but a herald of the horrors to come in this third volume of The Days of Ash and Fury. Spawn of Fury is intended to be read after completing the first two books, Omens of Fury and Tremors of Fury. All three books are also currently available in a three-ebook set titled Ash: The Days of Ash and Fury, Act One.

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