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Descent into Fury (The Days of Ash and Fury Book 4)


Continue the sweeping, internationally bestselling tale readers are calling...
“Uplifting four-color fantasy” ... “A MUST read for all fantasy lovers!”...”Impossible to put down!”... “Heartwarming and heartbreaking” ... “Fantastic in every way!” ... “Vibrant, exciting, memorable, and unpredictable”

(Caution: Spoilers below if you have not read Volumes 1-3. The first three volumes of The Days of Ash and Fury are available for a limited time in the 99c omnibus Ash: The Days of Ash and Fury, Act One. See author page for details.)

Through the Gift of Lady Lor, the champions of Tahr have begun to comprehend the depth and breadth of magic they possess, but even their combined and near-boundless power of sorcery has proven inadequate against the might of Kalashagon. Shlya's quick thinking delivered them from the jaws of the dragon, but alas, their escape came too late for Captain Mikallis Elmshadow and Vicaris Trellia Evanti.

The four – and Wolf – now find themselves in the protective company of Cindra Sandshingle... but the former Elder of G'naath is not quite what she once was. Imprisoned and beset on all sides by the darkest of foes, together they must learn to control their newfound magic to survive the grave perils they now face.

On the surface of Tahr, chaos is at hand. The deaths of King Halsen and the Master of Kehrlia have created a power vacuum in Mor – one the dark Daughters of Kal intend to fill. In the frozen Maw, the false dwarven king Dohr Silverstone has committed an atrocity against the elven people, and First Ranger Nishali Windwillow will have her revenge. And Vincent Thomison, the one man who might unite the kingdoms against the rising evil of Fury and bring an end to the division and poverty that has come to plague Greater Tahr, lies again near death, burned beyond recognition in dragonfire.

For even the thinnest ray of hope to pierce the pall that has blanketed the world, dark truths about Tahr's past must be confronted, and our champions must escape from their iron prison...

... but there is no door.

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