Time to Love (Mirrors of Time Book 2)

by Angela Ford

Published Aug 02, 2015 by Books to Go Now (August 2, 2015)

Price: $1.99

(Price last checked: 05/04/2020, 10:19 PM)

3.9 out of 5 on Amazon with 13 ratings
What would you do if you woke up in a strange man’s house? Only to discover you time traveled to 1737. If you had the option, would you stay or return to the life you knew?

Dr. Maggie Collins always believed true love to be a myth. Her only focus in life was to become a Veterinarian. Then her best friend Emma decides she wants to go to Bolivia before she gets married. A hesitant Maggie won’t allow her determined friend to go alone so she decides to make it one exciting adventure. She didn’t expect to lose her friend in the midst of the excitement.

When Emma goes missing, Maggie’s search finds a tall native man in a dark robe. His words confuse her. The future is behind you and the past is ahead of you. He hands her a mirror and tells her to listen to her heart. The water below her begins to ripple. She feels weak and dizzy. She wakes in the home of Sir Heth Manning in 1737 England. She can’t remember how she got there. In her search to find her friends and a way home she finds true love. Will it be enough to keep her from the life she knew?

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