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The Mystery Cases of Hercule Poirot: The Mysterious Affair at Styles, The Murder on the Links, The Affair at the Victory Ball, The Double Clue…


Musaicum Books presents to you the collection of Hercule Poirot's early cases: The Mysterious Affair at Styles The Murder on the Links The Affair at the Victory Ball The Curious Disappearance of the Opalsen Pearls (The Jewel Robbery at the Grand Metropolitan) The Adventure of King of Clubs The Disappearance of Mr. Davenheim The Mystery of the Plymouth Express The Adventure of "The Western Star" The Tragedy at Marsden Manor The Kidnapped Prime Minister The Million Dollar Bond Robbery The Adventure of the Cheap Flat The Mystery of Hunter's Lodge The Clue of the Chocolate Box The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb The Case of the Veiled Lady The Kidnapping of Johnnie Waverly The Market Basing Mystery The Adventure of the Italian Nobleman The Case of the Missing Will The Submarine Plans (The Incredible Theft) The Adventure of the Clapham Cook The Lost Mine The Cornish Mystery The Double Clue The Lemesurier Inheritance

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