Command the Crowd: The Art of Crafting an Online Presence & Becoming a Social Media Powerhouse: Leverage Social Media Marketing for Your Brand With Strategies for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & More

by J E Ford

Published Nov 15, 2018 by Services LLC

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2 Hours a Day….That’s how much time the average American spends consuming Social Media.

11 Hours a Day…That’s how much time the Average American Spends consuming some sort of media (listening, watching, reading etc.)

2.3 Billion+…That’s how many users Facebook has to date, and growing every day

500 Million…That’s how many tweets are sent out on Twitter every day

1 Trillion +… That’s how many mobile video views on YouTube there are per day.

$16.5 Billion… That’s how much was spent on Social Media ads in 2017


We are living in an unprecedented age where people have never been more connected, accessible and hungry for content. This is also an age where people have the shortest attention span, the most competition for their attention, and the most options for content and product to consume.

This is the age of most.

Everything’s happening online now and the conversations are all taking place through social media. If you’re reading this, this means you want to learn how to be an influencer. You want to be an influential voice in that discussion. You want to gain followers, supporters of your brand. You want to become a social media powerhouse.

Many books teach you about branding and what it takes to build a successful brand. Many other books talk about how to leverage social media for your brand and how to make money with social media. This book teaches you how to build a brand through social media.

By capitalizing on the marketing and branding genius of the past with the technical and practical know-how of the future, you will learn not only how to build, grow and sustain a successful and unique brand, but more importantly, you’ll learn how to
  • build a fanbase

  • leverage influencers

  • encourage interaction with and loyalty to your brand.

  • You’ll learn what it takes to create a massive following on social media and then what to do with that following once you have it.

    In short… you’ll learn how to command the crowd.

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