The Grey Cells of Mr. Poirot (Annotated and Illustrated): 23 Hercule Poirot Short Stories

by Agatha Christie

Published Apr 06, 2019 by Services LLC

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• This eBook includes an illustrated introduction that reviews the career of Agatha Christie, Christie’s recurring character of Hercule Poirot and his portrayal in the many adaptations of the novels in which he is featured.
In addition to the novel length stories and one play, Hercule Poirot appeared in more than 50 short stories published starting in 1923 in The Sketch, a British illustrated weekly journal that ran between February 1, 1893 and June 17, 1959. This eBook collects 23 stories published in 1923. They all appeared first in The Sketch and later published in book form as part of Poirot’s Early Cases and Poirot Investigates, sometimes with a different title. The publication details are provided at the beginning of each story. The stories are presented in chronological order of publication with their original magazine title.

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