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A Cowboy and his Daughter: A Johnson Brothers Novel (Chestnut Ranch Romance Book 4)


They were married for a few months. She lost their baby...or so he thought.

Rex Johnson knows he's the loudest brother. He doesn't even try to hide it, because he has plenty of other secrets he's never told anyone. Not his parents. Not his brothers. No one.

I was only married for four months.

No one needs to know. Especially because it was five years ago, and Rex hasn't heard from Holly Roberts since she left for work one day and never came back to their apartment. She filed for divorce the next day, and Rex's whole world fell apart.

One day at a time...

He's done a decent job of putting himself back together after he returned to Chestnut Springs and the family ranch. But when he has a chance encounter with a little girl after his brother's wedding, he comes face-to-face with Holly again.

Oh no. And who is that girl?

Holly's terrified to tell Rex that the little girl is their daughter, but she does. In and out of treatment facilities, Holly's been suffering from depression and doing the best she can as a mom. She's been slowly putting her life back together one piece at a time, and when Rex tells her if she leaves Chestnut Springs, he'll call the cops, she decides to stay.

It's time to stop running anyway.

Can Holly and Rex reconcile their differences and build a family with their daughter?

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