Declutter: A beginners 10 step guide on how to simplify life by decluttering (Organize, Reduce, Minimize)

by R and R

Published May 21, 2019 by R & R Lifestyle Publishing (May 21, 2019)

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Have you ever thought how simple your life would be if you didn’t have so many things in it?

The fact is that less is more, and people are beginning to realize it. The consumerism dream has resulted in more people becoming stressed or being treated for stress-related illnesses and general discontent in most homes. The fact is that we trusted the consumerism dream and we bought into it, but the dream is very far from reality. In this 10 step guide, we will show you how to tackle your life and get rid of those things that are not adding value to it.

In our current life, we seldom watch television now, but when we do, we are always amazed at the number of advertisements trying to sell us some new must-have product. You see all kinds of products being introduced onto the market with names you have never heard before, claiming to be better than their predecessors.

The problem with this is that we somehow forgot about all of the crucial things in life. It wasn’t about having a happier life. It was all about gratification and instant gratification at that. Be honest. How long did that phone give you entertainment, was it worth the money you paid for it? Looking back at our childhood and the things that made us happy, we wouldn’t mind betting that kids in the old days got far more value from a set of pick up sticks than you did from that new expensive investment.

It doesn’t end there. There are other areas of your life to declutter. Why? Well, the people you know as friends are not all positive contributors to your life. Do you get used by people? Do you get trampled on by those who think they are superior to you? Well, clearing out the friendship zone is equally important. In this book, we will deal with all of the things you need to declutter in ten steps. The order in which this is suggested is purposeful. The reason for that is because if you declutter your mind first, the rest gets easier because your brain is ready to say goodbye to anything that has no value in your life.

The minimalist movement in this day and age is winning. People are living in tiny homes. Others are merely living in homes that offer them everything they ever wanted in life, but they have recognized that it isn't the material things that provide you happiness. Home should be a place where you have peace of mind, where you have space to breathe and where you can enjoy your life to the extent of sharing that love with all of those people who are important to you. Instead of being on the gravy train to misery, step into the world of decluttering, and you will soon understand it. It simplifies your life. It simplifies all of the things you have to retain in your head, and it simplifies all of your priorities.

At the end of it all, you have one life to live. Do you want to spend it in debt? Do you want to spend it with people who don’t deserve you? How about spending it trying to become better than the people you are jealous of? It’s crazy to think that things can bring you any happiness, so take the leap. Take the ten steps and follow us into a better world where you matter, and all of the people within your life add value to it.

Take action now and purchase this book to help you on your journey.

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