Amerika; Strikes Back!

by Paul Lally

Published Aug 31, 2018 by Services LLC

Price: $2.99

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3.7 out of 5 on Amazon with 16 ratings
February 1944...
America takes the war to the South Pacific!
Tokyo’s iron fist holds Hawaii hostage.
Guerrilla troops fight to free their occupied homeland before it’s lost forever.
When a daring, nighttime, Nazi-inspired kidnapping snatches Sam Carter, Ava James, and General Douglas MacArthur from the shores of America with orders to deliver them to a waiting samurai’s sword for beheading in Tokyo, the trapped trio manages a desperate escape when their flying boat lands in Hawaii to refuel.
On the run in the tropical forests, friendly guerilla fighters swoop them up and give them shelter.
They soon discover that Tokyo is way ahead in the nuclear weapons game. Not only is General Tojo taking aim for the Aleutian Islands with a daring invasion plan, but also has his crosshairs over the Panama Canal for a breathtakingly devastating nuclear attack.
Victory in the Pacific, defeat for America.
Sam and Ava team up with the guerrilla forces and a ragtag PT-Boat crew for a last-ditch mission to stop Tokyo in its tracks and turn the tide of war.
The clock’s ticking... all bets are off.... time’s running out.....
If you like “what if” novels that make you ask, “what’s next?” take off today with Sam and Ava in this latest installment of Lally’s acclaimed alternate WW2 history series, AMERIKA.

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