Crusader: The Complete Campaigns

by Paul Bannister

Published Mar 23, 2018 by Sharpe Books (March 23, 2018)

Price: $2.99

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1165 AD.

The Third Crusade is on the horizon, and Henry II is on the throne.

And now young Frederick Banastre is being sent to court to become a steward to the young prince Richard, readying him for his own chance at glory.

But as the King ages, and the heir to the throne, Young Henry, prepares to take over, Frederick and Richard need to prove themselves on the battlefield.


1190 AD.

Frederick Banastre has taken the cross, to fight alongside Europe’s finest warrior, Richard the Lionheart, in the Holy Land.

To manage England in his absence, Richard appointed three regents: a chancellor and two others who shared the duties of Justiciar.

Although Earl John would act as surrogate king, the real power would not be in his hands, or so Richard thought.

Bannastre saw evidence of John’s treachery before he left England’s shores when John had attempted to seize Richard’s crusading sword for himself.

Only John’s royal blood had stopped Banastre running the cold, tempered steel through his flesh and muscle...


1216 AD.

King John has died and his young son, Henry, a boy of only nine years has been left to rule.

A new regent must be found before internal strife tears the country apart once more.

Count Ramon of Toulouse seems to be the perfect choice; he is powerful enough to bring the barons to heel until Henry is ready to fully assume the throne.

But convincing Ramon to leave his lands to become regent of England is more difficult than Frederick and Alaric first thought…

After Alaric takes up holy orders with the Templar Knights, he and Frederick travel to France to bring back a regent that England is so desperately in need of.

But Ramon is tied up many troubles of his own, most prominently the 5th Earl of Leicester, Simon de Montfort, who is wreaking havoc by declaring a holy crusade against him and his people.



King John Signs the Magna Carta in an unconditional submission to a group of rebel barons.

The Pope declares it illegal.

During the ensuing First Baron War, King John dies and nine-year-old Henry inherits the crown.

Treachery and rebellion blight the years that follow.

One man stands both participant and observer: the rebel Lancastrian Baron Frederick de Banastre.

Formidable in size and fighting prowess, and lifelong friend of Richard the Lionheart, Frederick is a force to be reckoned with.

Frederick’s son, Alaric, is a Knight’s Templar who shares a damning secret about Christ’s Shroud.

Meanwhile Frederick’s grandsons, Robert and Thurstan, uncover a plot to poison the king.

Although the king may not be popular, the de Banastres plan to keep him alive.

From the siege of Damietta, to attempts on the young king’s life, Frederick de Banastre and his family find themselves caught in the middle of the violent, bloody days after the Magna Carta.


Thurstan de Banastre, Baron of Waleton, Lancastershire, is living in dangerous times.

He and his fellow barons are desperate to oust their tyrannical king, Henry of Winchester, who imposes harsh tax burdens, and ignores the terms of Magna Carta that his father had pledged to uphold.

The plotter has a secret. When King John’s baggage train was swamped Thurstan’s grandfather Fre

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