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Blind the Eyes: Eerie YA Fantasy with a paranormal-meets-dystopian-gothic twist (Threads of Dreams Book 1)


There’s safety in isolation. But when her walls shatter, can this haunted teen build a bridge between ghosts, rebels, and dreamwalkers before the nightmares eat her alive? Haunted 17-year-old shut-in Cole is living on borrowed time after narrowly escaping the eldritch horrors infesting her decaying city once already. Desperate to fit in and fly under the radar despite the rebellious urgings of an obnoxious ghost and her own forbidden fascination with the monster-taken, she virtuously rejects a mesmerizing newcomer's dangerously tempting offer. But she doesn’t count on one last corpse proving her undoing —nor on stumbling across her repressive homeland's darkest secret. Cole needs allies if she wants to survive the night, nevermind expose the unthinkable web of lies she’s just uncovered and take revenge for years of state-sponsored oppression. But it’s not so easy for a girl who’s spent her life suppressing every instinct and desire to take charge, much less trust a bunch of strangers—and if she chooses wrong, her life will be far from the only one at stake. Can she find the strength to take back her long-lost powers and her fate before the nightmares eat her alive? Blind the Eyes is the first book in a lush and labyrinthine trilogy of paranormal-meets-gothic-dystopian YA fantasy filled with glittering underworlds, delicious-and-deceptive strangers, and unexpected twists for those who like a little sparkle with their monsters (it glistens so nicely on all the blood.) Fans of post-climate-collapse dystopias, monsters-and-magic, and genre-bending dark fantasy will love this Barnes & Noble Press “20 Favourite Indie Books of 2018” and 2020 Page Turner Awards “Book Spotlight Prize” winner. Buy Blind the Eyes for a haunting journey beyond death today! - - - A lush & labyrinthine YA dark fantasy of the haunted past, shattered present, and finding the strength to fight back for fans of Brenna Yovanoff, Victoria Schwab & Laini Taylor. Here's what readers and judges had to say: "Always Captivating" —Barnes & Noble Press "20 Favorite Indie Books of 2018" Book Spotlight Prize Winner —2020 Page Turner Awards ★★★★★"Darkly Satisfying" —Adventures in Literature ★★★★"Deep and Intricate" —NetGalley Reviewer ★★★★★"Riveting Thrill Ride" —NetGalley Reviewer ★★★★★"Mystical and Well-Woven" —NetGalley Reviewer ★★★★★"Fantasy dystopian post-apocalyptic adventure of dreams, choice, and desire, and the nightmares that feed on us" —NetGalley Reviewer

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