Armada (By Strength and Guile Book 2)

by Paul Teague

Published Dec 31, 2019 by Services LLC

Price: $3.99

(Price last checked: 04/12/2020, 2:24 PM)

5 out of 5 on Amazon with 5 ratings

Alone in the dark, can Vengeance hold out?

Vengeance is alone, lost in the depths of space and facing an implacable enemy.

Stansfield and his crew have fought off an assault that threatened to destroy their archaic ship, but now they face an even greater threat. As they make emergency repairs to Vengeance, the enemy unleashes a new, even more ferocious attack. Now the crew must fight for their lives once more, in a battle-damaged and out of date ship.

But there is a sliver of hope. The Admiralty has scrambled more support and the odds seem set to tip in favour of Charlie Team and their Royal Navy allies. Vengeance no longer stands alone.

Yet even on the brink of defeat, the Mechs are a dangerous enemy and not to be underestimated. When new foes arrive, Vengeance finds herself once more in a desperate struggle to survive.

Buy Armada, Book 2 of By Strength and Guile and immerse yourself in the epic struggle for survival that Charlie Team and Vengeance face!

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