Burn (The Vancouver Series Book 1)

by Paul Slatter

Published Feb 01, 2017 by TNCS Books Inc; 1 edition (February 1, 2017)

Price: $3.99

(Price last checked: 06/28/2020, 2:44 PM)

4 out of 5 on Amazon with 43 ratings
A beautiful woman's spine is broken as she watches her boyfriend burn to death out on a creek, and Daltrey, a young detective, wants to know why. With the help of a legendary but aging private detective, an unwitting supermodel, and a host of others lurking in the mayhem of Vancouver's seedy underbelly, Daltrey hunts a psychopath through webs of prostitution, deception, and savage violence.

Dark, undeniably funny, Burn is a tale of revenge and the elusive fantasies driving its heroes, villains, and strange tag alongs. Paul Slatter presents a portrait of the lies, hilarious perversions, and raw psychotic impulses at the heart of modern life in a too-close-for-comfort romp that keeps us laughing on every page.

Praise for Burn:

"Okay, I've ripped through the first two and I'm ready for number 3. When may I expect it? Yes, that means I really like these books, the characters and the humor."

"A wickedly crafted tale filled with all the elements to make it a guaranteed page turner. Highly recommended! Very much looking forward to the next one."

"The tension is ripe from the get-go and you can never be prepared for what is to happen next."

"This book is a unique phenomenon."

"This is funny as hell, so dirty you'll have no choice but to recognize yourself in it."

"Absolutely great read. Loved the book from page one on and couldn't put it down. Many twists and turns will keep you on your toes every time you turn a page and best of all.... It's hilariously funny."

"This is a fantastic read. Equal parts pulp, comedy, lewd humour and visceral crime, "Burn" never fails to entertain and shock."

"Author Slatter weaves together a unique crime story that exists beyond the genre's classic tropes."

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