Girls Forcing Girls: The Complete Series

by R & R Midnight

Published Nov 15, 2018 by Services LLC

Price: $3.92

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5 out of 5 on Amazon with 1 rating
It’s the ultimate fantasy--a woman so dominant that she makes other women (and men) do her bidding. They deal punishment like chocolate and caramel treats. When these women are around you’d better treat your man right, or she will take him from you. Alternatively, better yet, make him take you. Amber’s put some of the best dominate girl stories put them in one collection.

What’s a G*** B*** Part 2: a petite Chinese student uses her lover’s 12 inches of dark manhood to punish her bratty younger sister.

The Taming: When Naja, a dark-skinned Amazon takes an interest in Hanna’s husband, Hanna learns how to submit and love it.

She Just Wanted to See It: When 18-year-old Alivia accidentally Jones’ size, she has to see it again. She breaks into his house only be confronted by his daughter Africa who demands a tax for the intrusion.

Stepmom Steps In: Stepmom gives David the confidence to show his girlfriend that she’s not above a spanking.

Taking Lacy: Lacy’s a bitch who gets a lesson in humility from a Chinese foreign exchange student.

Once a Slut (excerpt): Unless you want to be a sex slave to his every whim, don’t let your stepson know that you have a kinky, hidden past.

Latina Heat: Maria finds herself on her knees in front of a group of black men. Her friend Brandy is by her side egging them on!

Taking Butch: BBW Amanda will do anything to get her girlfriend Lola from Rudy Baltimore a hung, dark-skinned gangster who wants every bit of what Amanda’s offering.

If It Pleases the Court: His wife catches him with Lena, the sexy black young lawyer. Instead of divorce and disgrace, Lena shows him that all his wife needed was a firm hand.

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