Vagus Nerve: Activate Your Body's Natural Ability of Self Healing! A Complete Guide to Overcome Anxiety, Trauma, Depression and Panic Attacks Through the Stimulation of your Vagus Nerve

by Stephen Carter

Published Jan 13, 2020 by Services LLC

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Tired of feeling anxious and continuously getting surprised by panic attacks?

A proper stimulation of the vagus nerve can be the answer.

If you would you like to know more about all the benefits you cannbsp;get from it… then keep reading, this guide is done for you!

The vagus nerve controls many parts of the human body and we may not have even realized

It is a very unique part of the nervous system, as it has been shown to have very specific benefits for the rest of the body and a person’s overall well-being. The purpose is to provide significant detailed evidence and information highlighting the multitude of positive effects that the vagus nerve can have... It is an accessory that will help us tremendously if we just learn how to unleash its full potential.

This nerve simply makes up one portion of a human organism. Some may consider it insignificant. Many have never even heard of it.

Sometimes, the things that produce the greatest results come in the smallest packages

In fact, the useful benefits it can produce are anything but insignificant. Outside of the brain and spinal cord itself, it may just has the most overall impact than any other part of the entire nervous system.


Knowledge without action is ultimately useless

The vagus nerve will produce amazing results once we educate ourselves on how they can occur and then take action on what we know. If something in our own bodies can be used, such as the vagus nerve, to really heal ourselves… Well, it is certainly a topic worth giving some attention to.

This book wants to help you understand exactly what the vagus nerve is, how it works and how it will  improve so many facets of our everyday living. Furthermore, it will explain how we can prevent or cure many prominent illnesses that strike humanity on a regular basis.

Grow your natural ability of self-healing

You will also get helpful exercises to practice and improve your ability of self healing by activating your vagus nerve.

This book contains, among others:

  • What the Vagus nerve is and why it is so important

  • The straight mind-body connection

  • Emotions and vagus nerve. Is anxiety actually possible to overcome?

  • Can be panic attack, depression, inflammation, related to the vagus nerve?

  • Stop stress and understand the sympathetic nervous system!

  • The healing power of the polyvagal theory

  • The polyvagal as an integrated regulatory system

  • Poor social interaction and communication.

  • Diaphragmatic breathing and how it helps the vagus nerve

  • practical exercises to natural heal your body

... and more!

Much of the information out there covers the stimulation of the vagus nerve using certain medical practices. These practices are certainly well-researched and effective. However, for this book, we will be focusing on natural techniques that will influence the vagus nerve very positively. 

You don’t have to be a doctor or scientist to understand the information we will provide. You just have to want to improve your overall well-being through pragmatic and proven methods.

Learn how to activate your vagus nerve,

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