Christmas in Crystal Creek (The Healing Hearts Ranch Series Book 3)

by Angela Ford

Published Nov 24, 2019 by Books to Go Now (November 24, 2019)

Price: $1.99

(Price last checked: 05/05/2020, 5:19 AM)

4.8 out of 5 on Amazon with 7 ratings
Falling in love with someone is truly, a beautiful experience. Especially during the magical holiday season. Warm your heart with a tranquil horseback ride through the wintry countryside, where the starry sky is filled with brilliant lights and the landscape is covered in a layer of snow. Inside is covered in twinkling lights, decked with stockings and holiday spreads dreamed up by the town folk of Crystal Creek.

Love had filled the air during the harvest festivities. Has the winter chill cooled those feelings? Did the ranch open, without a hitch, after a romantic issue surfaced? In between bookings at the horse therapy ranch, they prepare for the holidays with a dazzling Christmas tree lighting, an old-fashioned horse drawn sleigh ride, and a Christmas barn dance.

Visit the Healing Hearts Ranch in the Montana mountains this holiday season. A wholesome story of love, friendship, choices in life, and the horses that help those hear what’s in their souls.

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