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The Nick of Time: Capital City Murders Books 6-10 (Capital City Murders Compilations Book 2)


From a Hanging in Helena to a Defenestration in Denver, Nick O’Flannigan can’t seem to avoid mysteries. A mysterious hanging in Helena takes Nick on a historical journey. A cowboy game in Bismarck turned deadly. Family gone wrong led to parricide in Pierre. The carnage of an unsolved mystery in Cheyenne leads to a shocking solution. He witnessed defenestration in Denver, and his photos held a critical clue. Wherever Nick goes, mystery follows. In this exciting continuation of the Capital City Murders series, you can read books 6-10 all in one place for one low price! Catch up with Nick as he travels across the country on assignment for Travel USA magazine, taking photos of state capitol buildings. In every city, he finds a new mystery, and he’s got one year to complete his assignment. Will he be able to finish, or will his side adventures get in the way?

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