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The Chest of Visions: Secrets of Caperston


A Christian Sci-Fi Novel of Faith Making a Difference (2020 revised edition) The world of Caperston is void of the knowledge of a Caring God. Its people mindlessly follow the directives of an unjust ruler and the wealthy valley people live apart from another group of residents, the mountain people, deemed to be inferior. Prejudice abounds. Upon listening to a prophet, privileged valley teen Mattpaul finds his mind opening as he befriends some mountain youth. Taught to look down upon them, he finds the mountain youth have skills he and his valley friends could learn. To the lament of his wealthy parents, he gives up his privileged path to success and becomes an advocate for the mistreated and a colleague of the prophet calling for equality and for the people to turn to God. When Mattpaul accidentally makes e-mail contact with a Christian youth group website on the faraway planet Earth, a door to ongoing communication opens. Youth from both Earth and from Caperston share mutual stories of hope and vision, while identifying their struggles via e-mail-like correspondence. Dreams of a better world for the inhabitants of Caperston excite Earth youth as, week-by-week, new messages are received from Mattpaul and his friends. One Earth friend reciprocates and tells of his own struggles due to the death of his best friend. The ongoing correspondence between the youth in the two worlds solidifies a belief in God which transcends the teachings of the church. A vision of heaven changes everything The Chest of Visions: Secrets of Caperston is a story of hope that encourages its readers to dare to dream. Caperston shows us what life can become. As an Onlinebookclub review shares:"Is Tim Ferguson light years ahead of his time and could this story be brought to life one day? The Chest of Visions: Secrets of Caperston by Tim Ferguson is a refreshingly modern, religious book, ushering the Bible straight into the 21st Century." At the end of the story are twelve lessons for youth and adults, which transform the story into a study guide for Christians, both youth and adults.

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