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No Need to Knead: Handmade Artisan Breads in 90 Minutes


A James Beard Award nominee: “This year’s best bread book . . . p roduces fantastic results! . . . It should be a mandatory purchase for its pizza dough alone” ( Salon). Acclaimed professional baker Suzanne Dunaway reveals her truly revolutionary technique for baking unforgettable breads that require no fuss and no special equipment. The crusts are lighter, chewier, and the crumb is moist, stays fresh longer, and has more intense flavor than most breads. Her ingredients are simply flour, water, yeast, salt—and passion. She uses no preservatives or additives of any kind. The recipes are her own creations, developed over years of trial and error. You will find focaccia, ciabatta, pane rustico, and pizza as well as breads from around the world such as baguette, sourdough flapjacks, blini, muffins, corn bread, brioche, African Spiced bread, kulich, and kolaches. In addition many of the basic bread doughs are fat-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free making then perfect for people on strict dietary or allergy regimes. There are also dozens of recipes for dishes you can make with bread: soufflés, soups, salads, and even desserts such as chocolate bread pudding. Plus, fun recipes to make with children. Suzanne Dunaway was the owner and head baker of Buona Forchetta Handmade Breads in Los Angeles, hailed as one of the seven best bakeries in the world by W Magazine. Gourmet called her breads “addictive.” “If kneading makes you need a sit down and need a rest, then this book will encourage you back into the kitchen. A great bread making class for all of us lazy bread makers.” — Foodepedia “Fabulous.” — The Telegraph

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