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The Skinner Box: A Riveting Suspense Novel With a Female Sleuth (Detective Elizabeth Stratton Mysteries Book 2)


There's gruesome... then there's just plain sick. Called upon to investigate a mysterious death at an infamous psychiatric hospital, female sleuth Elizabeth Stratton is faced with a perplexing and unlikely case. In a hospital under constant surveillance, how can someone die without a single witness? And how can she hope to interview suspects when half of them have serious mental illnesses? Struggling to untangle a seemingly unsolvable case and grappling with the unsettling realities of life inside the hospital, the unwelcome return of Elizabeth’s ex-partner soon complicates matters even further. With tensions flaring and old battles bubbling to the surface, Elizabeth must push her ex out of her mind as she ever hopes to find the murderer. But between her and the arrogant – yet strangely tempting – fellow detective Nick, they begin to uncover a much more sinister and disturbing tale. One of abuse and buried secrets, along with someone who’ll kill to protect it… Perfect for fans of thrilling murder mysteries filled to the brim with suspense, the riveting second book in the Amazon best-selling Elizabeth Stratton Mystery Series is one you won’t want to miss. Grab your copy now! Praise for this series: “I couldn't put this book down, after I read the first page. It's fast-paced and it's got everything for a great thriller” – Amazon Reviewer “A sit on the edge of your seat mystery.” – Amazon Reviewer “I was hooked from the beginning. The twists were surprising. The characters were great.” – Amazon Reviewer

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