The Photo Shoot: A No Angels Erotic Novel

by Paul Garland

Published Oct 09, 2018 by Cerulean Erotica; 1 edition (October 9, 2018)

Price: $3.99

(Price last checked: 04/09/2020, 3:17 PM)

4 out of 5 on Amazon with 2 ratings
Welcome to No Angels - the hottest new series of erotic novels based around those people who have a hidden, darker, more sexual side than anyone who knows them would ever believe. The women in No Angels, are just that - and our stories will show them embrace that side of themselves.

THE PHOTO SHOOT - I book a glamorous photo shoot for my curvy wife, who's low in confidence, with a friendly local photographer, but when we learn that he does much more risque projects, we get tempted into doing some private shoots for him and from there, we're led into a world we never thought we'd visit.

NO ANGELS novels include explicit sexual scenes with cheating, themes of cuckoldry, liberated and strong women, and the powerful partners and friends who love them.

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