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Descendant (The Shift Chronicles Book 1)


My name is Alexandra Layton. Or I thought it was, at least. I thought my family was pretty normal. Wrong again. I thought my father dying a mysterious death was the worst thing that was going to happen to me during my summer vacation. But yeah, you guessed it: Wrong. Again. Here’s what I do know: Werewolf bites are freaking painful. Finding out your entire life has been a lie is more painful. Trying to piece together the truth when you’re suddenly surrounded by weird strangers who all claim they want to ‘help’ you? That’s painfully near impossible. But if I’m going to protect what’s left of my family—which I absolutely am—then I don’t have a choice but to embrace the sudden absurdness that is my life. It will mean learning to harness strange new powers. Learning to trust some of those weird strangers—including Kael, a werewolf who’s equal parts secrets, sarcasm, and sinfully good looks. And ultimately, it will mean accepting the truth about my family and the role they’ve played in a centuries-long war within the shifter world. The role I'm supposed to play. Because the magic tied to my bloodline could save the entire human world… Or it could unleash a monstrous force unlike anything it’s ever seen.

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