Plant Based Diet: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

by Paul Brauner

Published Dec 15, 2019 by Services LLC

Price: $3.99

(Price last checked: 04/28/2020, 5:08 PM)

5 out of 5 on Amazon with 1 rating
A must-read for anyone who cares about building a more humane and healthy world.Choosing a plant based diet is good for your health, your wallet, and the environment. This book is for all of you people who wish to gain more knowledge and perhaps switch from eating meat, dairy, and eggs, to eating vegetables, whole grains, and other plant based foods. Whether your doctor encouraged you to eat a plant based diet or you’re exploring a new way of eating, this book has everything you need to get started.Plant based benefits - Learn the perks of eating a plant based diet, including how it helps your health, the planet and animal welfare. Beginner’s resources - Discover plenty of helpful info for newbies, from a guide to cooking basics and more. Take your health and well-being into your own hands with the power of a plant based diet - this guide will show you why.

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