Cliffs and Fences: Holiness and Personal Separation in Biblical Perspective

by Paul Crow

Published Apr 08, 2012 by Services LLC

Price: $3.99

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3.3 out of 5 on Amazon with 4 ratings
Convincing and utterly unerring, Christians of all denominations will find Cliffs and Fences: Holiness and Personal Separation in Biblical Perspective by Paul Crow an invaluable treatise on existence in the modern world. With commonsense approaches to abiding, accepting, and honoring the Bible and God’s intentions, all Christian readers need to live in accordance with His words and with distinction are between these two covers. All who claim the Bible as their authority will gain a foothold in the increasingly dubious Western experience that thrusts good Christians into compromising situations on a daily basis. Theological, yet practical and not at all overly academic, this work of nonfiction is indisputable and is broken into fourteen chapters with titles such as “Christian Clothing: What God Says About What We Wear,” and “Morality in Music: Why There Is a Right and Wrong Style.” From here on out, the alternative is simple. Live all of life in such a way that God's holiness will be reflected by your daily habits of life.

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