No Smoke Without Fire (DCI Warren Jones, Book 2)

by Paul Gitsham

Published Jul 21, 2014 by HQ Digital; 1 edition (July 21, 2014)

Price: $3.99

(Price last checked: 05/01/2020, 4:16 PM)

4.3 out of 5 on Amazon with 177 ratings
DCI Warren Jones has a bad feeling when the body of a young woman turns up in Beaconsfield Woods. She's been raped and strangled but the murderer has been careful to leave no DNA evidence. There are, of course, suspects - boyfriend, father - to check out but, worryingly, it looks more and more like a stranger murder.
Warren's worst fears are confirmed when another young woman is killed in the same way.
The MO fits that of Richard Cameron who served twelve years for rape. But Cameron never killed his victims and he has a cast-iron alibi.
Then personal tragedy intervenes and Warren is off the case. But the pressure is mounting and another woman goes missing. Warren is back but will the break he desperately needs come before there's another victim?

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Praise for Paul Gitsham:"A wonderfully classy crime novel. Fluent writing style, great pace to the action. What's not to like? I'll be reading number 2 as quickly as I can download it. Highly recommended. Crime Writing at its very best" - Kate Rhodes, author of Crossbones Yard and the Alice Quentin series

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