Red Ice

by R R Hinson

Published Jan 12, 2019 by Services LLC

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Red Ice is a post-apocalyptic survival thriller that is set in the near future. After an asteroid impact changed the course of humanity, a small settlement in the Smokey Mountains braces for the longest winter in their history. As the snow and ice keep piling on and springtime never arrives, people grow concerned about the dwindling food supplies. When it seems as though the odds are already against them, one of their men, Drew, is abducted by a hostile group known as the "Slavers".

Both the "Slavers" and the survivors located around the compound have reasons to dislike and distrust one another, however when Justin finally decides to put a stop to the fighting, things don't play out quite as everyone expected. In the midst of what seems to be a new ice age, the rivaling factions fight each other and fight for survival. As the fighting intensifies between them, it becomes evident that only one group can walk away while the other must be terminated.

Note: The first two books of the "Running" series by R. R. HINSON are not directly connected to this story. Although it is the last book of the "Running" series, very little reference is made to the prior books.

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