Sleeping Dogs (DCI David Fyfe Book 1)

by William Paul

Published Apr 18, 2017 by Lume Books (April 18, 2017)

Price: $2.99

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3.6 out of 5 on Amazon with 14 ratings
Investigating crime; it’s amazing what you dig up…

David Fyfe is a dog lover with a wife and mistress to support and an ambition to retire early. His present lifestyle is complicated enough before past indiscretions come back to haunt him.

Once a gung-ho investigator of murderous criminals and violent crime, Fyfe has been taken off the frontlines and reassigned to the low-profile Fraud Squad — mistakes from years earlier conspired to condemn him to dull work that he doesn’t much enjoy.

His enforced distance from solving murders bothers him particularly at the moment, as a series of seemingly drug dealing–related murders in the city is all anyone can talk about.

When Chief Constable Sir Duncan Morrison asks him to look into the several hundred thousand dollars missing from the Catholic Church’s accounts, Fyfe expects the job to be little more than soothing the Archbishop’s worries — only to discover that things are considerably more complicated than they first appear.

As he begins his investigation into the licentious Father Byrne and the accused embezzler Father Quinn (Byrne’s superior), Fyfe begins to find evidence that link the corrupt priests to racketeering kingpin Gus Barrie…and an armed robbery that occurred nearly a decade previously.

For Fyfe himself, the spectre of the past rises with not only the reappearance of his ex-lover Sylvia, whose impending marriage throws him for a loop, but the return to British soil of the beautiful Angela — a sexy widow whose acquaintance he first made in the aftermath of the robbery ten years earlier.

But this time Angela has blood on her hands and a million pounds in unmarked notes stuffed into her luggage.

Any ordinary policeman would make the arrest and wrap up the inquiry. But David Fyfe is no ordinary policeman…

Sleeping Dogs is a fast-moving, wryly humorous, expertly plotted crime novel with an outrageous finale.

Praise for William Paul

‘Fyfe's engrossing ruminations on the human condition [means] readers will find themselves absorbed from beginning to end’Booklist

Sleeping Dogs is the first of three books featuring DCI David Fyfe. William Paul has also authored a number of other books, including Seasons of Revenge and The Lion Rampant.

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