Pre-Made Desserts: Cook Ahead Desserts for People Always on the Go

by Michael Paul

Published Feb 23, 2016 by Services LLC

Price: $2.99

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Ok busy Moms & Dads, no more take out food!! Have I got a great solution for you!

I knew with obesity rates were continually on the rise and my life just getting busier and busier that something had to change. I was trying to juggle a career and 3 children with another one on the way... How did my Mom do it? How did she provide healthy meals for us when we were growing up? Well for one she had more time! I don't... but I want to do right by my children...

So here is my solution. I have put together some easy delicious and nutritious desserts that you can make at home and freeze for later use. This is what we do, once every couple of weeks I spend the day shopping and cooking. I get my children and hubby involved too, we all chop, peal, cut and stir for the afternoon. We make meal after meal and snack after snack. We put them into freezer friendly, stackable containers and label each one of them. Everyone gets to choose their favorites and everyone works together. We have a great time! And best of all, we so look forward to choosing what to have for a meal or snack, knowing how delicious and easy it will be to prepare...

Ready to join us in the fun? Grab your Pre-Made Desserts Cookbook and let's get started...

Recipes You Will Discover Inside

  • Apple-pear dump cake
  • Zucchini-cinnamon muffins
  • Apricot dumplings
  • Like a gingersnap dump cake
  • Raw chocolate balls
  • Sweet potato brownies

Would You Like To Know More?

This book contains some fantastic time saving ideas for the busy Mom or Dad! The question is, will you choose to dazzle your family with your home cooking, and seem to pull delicious desserts out of thin air, or will you continue to buy store-purchased preservative ridden desserts?

If you are ready to get control of your pocket book, health and diet options then scroll up and grab your copy of Pre-Made Desserts.

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