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On September 12, 2081, the Yellowstone super-volcano finally erupted resulting in a global catastrophe that nearly drove the human species to extinction. One group of refugees found shelter at the old NORAD command center at Cheyenne Mountain, and six hundred years later, their descendants live in the subterranean city of Norad. Yet safety comes with a price. The population level is strictly controlled, with food and other supplies severely rationed. All procreation occurs at the Breeding House, and humans are genetically engineered for whatever role they will play in society. Living at the Breeding House is an elite group of women, called the Breeders, whose sole function in society is to give birth. The Breeders live in luxurious conditions, wanting for nothing, and they are looked upon as saints by the common people. Drusilla is a sixteen-year old Pre-Breeder, enjoying the privileges of her rank. Yet, in spite of her illustrious status, she begins to question the inequity of her society. Her sheltered life is suddenly shattered when she is kidnapped by a band of dissidents and forced to look upon her world with a new perspective. Once she learns the full truth about the injustice of her culture—and about Earth’s past disaster—can she truly be happy with her place in society?

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