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Her Name Was Abby (His Name Was Zach Book 2)


Westward lies salvation. That is all fifteen year-old Abby knows. It was what her father told her moments before he died. Moments before she put a bullet in his head to keep him from joining the undead. In one fell night, Abby lost her home and her friends to a ruthless band of raiders and her father to the infection that started it all. Now alone, Abby must journey across what’s left of America, seeking a place of safety and peace before the lawless Wild kills her. But a pitiless winter blows across the land, and on all sides she is beset by death and anarchy. If she is to find sanctuary, Abby must survive murderous gangs, hordes of the undead, and shrewd survivors who would rather let her die than help her. And even if she can escape this life of monsters and madness, the shadows of the past are not so easily abandoned...

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