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Connecting with Nature's Angels: The World of Faeries, Elementals & Nature Spirits


The world of nature holds more than meets the eye. For beyond our human senses lays a wonderful world of nature’s angels also known as the faerie realm. More than mythology this multi-dimensional world is teeming with tiny and large beings that help Mother Nature in Her work. Spiritual teacher, writer and channel Blake Cahoon fell into this world unexpectedly one afternoon and discovered the power of the fey. In this book she relays her adventures with the world of the faery as well as provides the reader with the history, mythology and knowledge of the world of nature spirits, elementals and the faeries’ realm. Pictures of real faery rings as well as information on how to take photos of faeries are included. Learn the spiritual meanings of the four elements, as well as trees and flowers. You’ll discover that the world of faeries may indeed be real for you too. Come and explore and discover for yourself…as you too travel into the kingdom of the faerie world and more!

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