Kindle Edition
A Clump of Cells: The Clintonite Conspiracy

Maybe, like me, you voted for Trump. Maybe, like me, you were hungry for a change. Maybe, like me, you were excited when he won. Maybe, like me, you have been confused and even a little worried since then. One fact is certain: America chose Donald Trump to be our new president. He was the answer to our prayers. Did we really get what we asked for, though? After what I have learned in the course of my investigation since November 9th, I believe I can say the answer is no. This book contains the truth, and it is written only for people who want to know it, people who are not afraid to follow the trail of breadcrumbs all the way down the rabbit hole and right through the looking glass. Because crooked Hillary Clinton has pulled the ultimate con on America, the crime of the millennium, the swindle of her lifetime. When you learn what it is, you may never rest easy again. This is the one book no right-thinking, God-fearing, red-blooded American can afford to ignore. Only read this book if you are not afraid to learn the truth. Only read it if you are not afraid to do what is necessary. Only read it if you are willing to sacrifice anything, including cherished illusions and peace of mind, to keep your family and your country safe. You need to know what has happened to your country, and what is happening still. You need to know what's coming. You need to be ready. You need to be prepared. God help us all.

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