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Lockdown Cartoons: The Cartoon Book for Surviving Quarantine, Boredom and Isolation

Has the pandemic flattened the curve of your smile? Get laughing again with 100 cartoons lampooning a world gone mad.

Need some light relief from the Grim Reaper’s march? Bored with bizarre presidential briefings? Don’t know if you should be wearing a mask or a frown? Leading cartoonists Sunil Agarwal and Ian Baker have been poking fun at human foolishness for years with insightful and satirical observations in Reader’s Digest, National Lampoon, and The Times of India. Now they’re here to share their wit and wisdom so you can inject a shot of reality-checks into coronavirus chaos.

Lockdown Cartoons: The Cartoon Book for Surviving Quarantine, Boredom and Isolation contains over 100 snappily drawn gags that will help you view recent world events with a sacrilegious comic perspective. If confinement feels more like a punishment for your brain than a life-saving necessity, just turn to any page for an instant relief package.

Take a break from global disruption for a healthy dose of the absurd.

With a foreword written by The Onion founder Scott Dikkers, Lockdown Cartoons is an irreverent, thought-provoking jab at our current quarantine conditions. If you like cheeky humor, wicked satire, and a humorous take on a crazy era, then you’ll love Sunil Agarwal & Ian Baker’s sharp-eyed sendup.

Buy Lockdown Cartoons for pandemic relief today!

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