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Success: Reflections on Money, Sex and Power


Award-winning film and television writer, producer and director David Brady’s work is best known in Canada and the U.S., but he is no stranger to European audiences. He was also an award-winning professor at Ryerson University in Toronto as well as on the faculty of York University in Toronto, and was recently on the Faculty of Motion Picture Arts at Capilano University in North Vancouver British Columbia. David holds an MFA from York University in Toronto. He is also an award-winning author of inspirational Non-Fiction Books. In his new dramatic and compelling three books – A Life Trilogy, beginning with Surviving: Transforming Childhood Trauma; Success: Reflections on Money, Sex & Power, and ending with Serenity: Aging With Dignity, Living with Grace, David chronicles his life-altering experiences from his violent childhood, through international success to his current and fascinating life in his 60s. Because of his incredible and diverse life experiences, Brady got thinking, how many other people, especially those who are blindsided by some event that they didn’t see coming find solutions to the myriad of challenges we all must face at different stages of our lives.   As he looked around, he realized that there is no how-to manual out there to handle these major dilemmas or transition from young adult starting out to “baby boomers” who must transform from a busy, active career or professional life to supposed retirement or the “golden years.” And there is absolutely no manual on how to handle the inevitable crises that are sure to arise over time. David said, “I don’t know about you, but no one has ever told me, here is how we cope with events like an unexpected financial reversal, major illness or life altering injury, the loss of a partner through death, the end of marriage, or our eventual death?” We know our banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies like to talk to us about financial planning and retirement, but what about interpersonal family relations, business relations and lifelong friendship that goes south on us.  Most importantly, how do we find a way to cope, stay happy, productive and find a purpose when we are facing either emotional or financial issues during the various stages of our lives?

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