Kindle Edition
Midnight In Belle Fleur: The Witching Hour (Destroyer Witch Chronicles Book 2)


Juliette must prove to herself and others that she is worthy of being Lead Witch of Belle Fleur. She must also learn to balance both her Destroyer and Healer sides. As the main actress in a new Miami telenovela, Juliette struggles to balance her career and her responsibilities as the Lead Witch of Belle Fleur. Just as Juliette is about to dismiss the Destroyer Witch Rebellion as an idle threat, she realizes time has run out and the war has come to Belle Fleur. The stakes are high as love, magic, friendship, and betrayal combine into an unforgettable novel that will have you spellbound. What Amazon readers are saying about The Witch of Belle Fleur, Book 1: ★★★★★ 'This a page turner, couldn't stop reading it, finished it in one evening. You will really get into the story and the characters.' ★★★★★'It’s an enjoyable YA read that’s a delight for older readers as well and I can’t wait to see what happens in Juliette’s life in future novels.'

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