Cancer's Curse (The Zodiac Book 4)

by Paul Sating

Published Oct 01, 2020 by

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War is hell.
Especially when no one has your six.

Framed and shamed, Ezekial Sunstone is a prisoner no longer. Finally free, he just wants to live his life. But Lucifer has other plans.

As the Overworld descends into the chaos of war, Ezekial's loses faith in demonkind and humanity. But a nurse with a heart of gold and a troubling family secret might change everything.

Entwined in a family feud that is none of his business, Ezekial makes enemies on all sides. That’s what you get for trying to help.

As politics and the fog of war obscure the truth, Ezekial’s allegiances are tested. He must decide to ignore doing the right thing or face the unthinkable.

Fighting the battle is impossible when you don't know who the true enemy is.

The Zodiac series is what you get when you mix Jim Butcher and Christopher Moore. Fans of Terry Mancour and Lindsay Buroker will enjoy this playful ride into the world of souls.

Bitter Aries is the first book in The Zodiac series. The second book, The Horn of Taurus, book three, The Gemini Paradox, and book four, Cancer's Curse released in 2020.

★★★★★ Highly recommended. - Lori, Goodreads Reviewer

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