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One Sweet Day is Never Enough: A Return to Hometown, Feel-Good Sweet Romance


Does an undeniable attraction for a handsome cherry farmer-slash-business partner count as a mistake? Gia Stewart has worked tirelessly to make a splash in the stressful world of event coordination, but sometimes, even the best-laid plans won’t cut it. She’d better not make any more mistakes, or the demotion she was hit with won’t be temporary. Seth Pederson rushed home from California to take over his family’s ailing cherry orchard after his father suffered a debilitating heart attack. He's eager to pitch in and start over again in Wisconsin, but sometimes, that's easier said than done. When sparks fly between Seth and Gia and they begin to create a busy wedding venue at the farm, will Seth's failure to deal with his past destroy their chance at a future? ♥ Escape to the small-town, vacation destination of Heritage Bay, Wisconsin, on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, and find out how the passion, the friendships, and the happily-ever-afters continue. ♥ One Sweet Day is Never Enough is the second novel in the clean and sweet ONE SWEET DAY series. From Goodreads and Amazon readers: "Well written book, easy to read story. Liked both of the main characters. All in all, a good clean read.” “...exciting, intriguing, and fun to read."

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