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A Monster Told Me Bedtime Stories: MONSTERS Volume 7

When you open the door to a realm of nightmares, sometimes you let the nightmares in.

Bedtime. The twilight of consciousness, the darkness that lies between reality and dreams. Here, on the threshold of slumber, we open the door to myriad dreamscapes, to other worlds and astral planes. A thousand doors to a thousand worlds... and the nightmares that hide within.

Open the door, cross the threshold, and dream the night away. But be careful, and remember:
When you open the door to a realm of nightmares… sometimes you let the nightmares in.

A schoolyard nightmare with a taste for children…
Faceless horrors that prowl the boundary between consciousness and slumber in search of prey…
Houses where dreams and nightmares come to life…
Imaginary friends who bleed into reality…
Old gods who weave webs of nightmares to reveal horrific truths…
A monstrous storyteller who’s just dying to tell a tale about you…

These are just a few of the bedtime stories written by—and for—monsters.

In these pages you’ll find an unforgettable collection of dreams unleashed upon reality and reality transformed into nightmares. Penned by award-winning authors, bestselling writers, and visionary nightmare-smiths, A MONSTER TOLD ME BEDTIME STORIES will remind you what it means to be afraid of the dark.

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