Dumb Witness

by Agatha Christie

Published Aug 06, 2020 by Amazon.com Services LLC

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Emily's maid of companionship, Minnie Lawson, is, to everyone's surprise, the beneficiary of a very large portion of the old lady's fortune, under a recently drafted will. According to Emily's old will, the principal heirs were to be her nephew, Charles Arundell, and her nieces Theresa Arundell and Bella Tanios. The new will resulted in a "disinheritance" of the natural heirs.

While examining the house, Poirot discovered a nail covered with varnish and a small chain attached at the top of the stairs. Before her death, Emily had said something like "Bob... dog... picture... a pot". Poirot deduced that she meant something like "a jar on which a picture of a dog had been left all night", which meant that dog Bob could not have put the ball at the top of the stairs. Poirot believes that the old lady fell because of a wire at the top of the stairs attached to a nail. He also learns that shortly before her death, a strange green light appeared near Emily's mouth.

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