Kindle Edition
Blood Queen: A Dark Fantasy Novel (Reign of Blood Trilogy Book 3)


In the South, Neryssa gains strength. In the North, fears of vampire attacks bring the Hunter Guilds into the public eye. Terra Nocturne is under attack… and Miria and Azalea will have to fight harder than ever to protect all they love. Azalea Nydira has secured her place beside Lord Nero Cineris, and she will soon be crowned queen of Terra Nocturne. As her coronation nears, whispers about her status as a blood servant cast doubt on her ability to rule. Azalea isn't ready to forsake her elven heritage to become a vampire, and she intends to use her new position to make Terra Nocturne a better place for her people. But as threats from all sides close in, everyone in the city is in danger. As queen of the vampires, can Azalea hold onto her mortality? Or will she be forced to accept Nero's offer to spend eternity by his side? Miria Delien's quest for vengeance has left her broken and alone. When Nero offers her a second chance, she has an opportunity to put aside her anger and fight for her people. As Neryssa prepares to launch a new attack on Terra Nocturne, the hunter guilds in Viridi escalate tensions with the royal family. To hold onto his crown, Prince Rydin Viridian will need Miria’s help to stop the threat posed by Neryssa’s clan. With Rydin at her side, Miria may be able to save both Viridi and Terra Nocturne. But after everything she’s done, is it too late to save her friendship with Azalea? True Blood and Harlots meet Game of Thrones in Blood Queen. Fans of grimdark fantasy will love the gritty world of Becca Blake’s Reign of Blood Trilogy. Scroll up and one-click to pre-order the thrilling conclusion to this deadly dark fantasy series today!

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