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Blood Debt: A Dark Fantasy Novel (Reign of Blood Trilogy Book 2)

If Miria and Azalea want to save each other, they'll have to save themselves first. Azalea Nydira has never been a good liar, but she'll have to become one to survive being the blood servant of Lord Nero Cineris. For the first time in her life, she's on her own, without Miria or any other allies. After betraying Nero, she must regain his trust and find a way to gain influence in a treacherous vampire court. With a resistance rising among the vampires of Terra Nocturne, Azalea must decide where her loyalties lie. If she can turn Nero's own court against him, can she escape the bond that ties them together? Or will embracing their bond prove stronger than their enemies? Miria Delien spent her life trying to escape from Terra Nocturne, but now that she's been exiled, she's desperate to return. After her bloodlust as a newborn vampire exposes her, she's on the run, and nowhere is safe. Her only hope to return to Terra Nocturne is to ally herself with a rival vampire clan that seeks to conquer the city and destroy the vampire king. But if they succeed in taking Terra Nocturne away from Nero, their cruel reign over the elven people will be far more sadistic than his. Is Miria's thirst for revenge stronger than her desire for justice for her people? True Blood and Harlots meet Game of Thrones in Blood Debt. Fans of grimdark fantasy will love the gritty world of Becca Blake’s Reign of Blood Trilogy. Scroll up and one-click to start reading book two of this deadly dark fantasy series today!

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