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Chapter Three: Jamal (Between the Pages A Short Story Zombie Series Book 3)


Between the pages of Karl Hood’s latest book is death. Not just for the characters inside but for almost all of those who read it as well. In a surprise promo, he gave away thousands of copies to his readers. It was the sequel to his best seller, which ironically, was a zombie novel. He also gave them much more than promised. Because even though Karl Hood’s fans died during or after reading his books, their victims came back. And they weren’t posting reviews. Jamal "JJ" Jackson beat the odds growing up in a rough Houston inner city neighborhood. He resisted drugs and gangs, earned straight A’s in school, and made his mother proud. Now that everyone appears to have turned into deranged killers, he finds himself with the lives of three young children in his hands. Inexperienced, in both fighting and child care, he vows to protect them in this dangerous new world.

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