Captain Commander

by Paul

Published Sep 11, 2020 by William P. Mangan; 1st Edition (September 11, 2020)

Price: $9.49

(Price last checked: 09/20/2020, 12:12 PM)

In the year 2250, a new planet is discovered in a remote territory far from Command Center near the border of a ferocious enemy; the Tedjozans. The planet GAIA is immediately determined to be the most valuable planet in the galaxy; one that could sway the balance of power for centuries. The enemy quickly mounts an aggressive offensive to claim the precious planet and her moons for themselves. The race for GAIA is on. The Federation of United Stars, led by a young squadron captain, must thwart the evil Tedjozans and prevent them from taking the planet. Against all odds, Captain MacKenna boldly leads his fleet into the teeth of the battle; one which will lead to the largest epic war ever fought in the history of the federation.

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