One Loan Soul: a dark yet whimsical occult paranormal romance

by LB Carter

Published Jul 26, 2019 by

Price: $2.99

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4.3 out of 5 on Amazon with 30 ratings
Don't sell your soul to the Devil. Take out a loan instead!

She may be deceased, but Darcie Rose visits Earth often. Substituting into the bodies of those who loan their soul to the Devil, she's Satan's top employee.

But when her latest possession goes wrong, she's trapped in the realm of the living, facing the ex-fiance who betrayed her and caused her death. Worse, that breaks one of Lucifer's only two rules... and she's involuntarily toeing the other. Not to mention that she accidentally resurrected a taxidermy fox amidst the undead chaos.

Can Darcie escape her Hell-on-Earth and figure out who summoned her before Luci's henchman arrives to drag her and her zombie fox back to Hell? Or will she have the Devil to pay?


From Internationally Bestselling author L.B. Carter comes book one in the Loan Soul Series, a dark romantic paranormal fantasy with a sardonic twist! A captivating and darkly humorous read for fans of Supernatural, Sabrina, iZombie, and Good Omens.

Join sassy condemned soul Darcie, her quirky undead, taxidermy sidekicks Dash the fox and Blue the lizard, and broody, mysterious Demon Vin on a hellacious adventure that has readers laughing out loud, crying out in surprise, and *dying* for more!


"Hell hath no fury like a woman scammed! So funny. [...] Don't take my word for it, just pick up a copy and read. You won't regret it!" - Amazon reviewer

"Clear your schedule because the fast-paced 'bodyhoppin' (not an 80s dance) needs 100% focus so you can fully enjoy this hellish (in a good way) ride." - Amazon UK reviewer

"I was completely captivated through out the entire story never a dead moment. [...] L.B. Carter is a master at weaving comedy and supernatural suspense together into something truly spectacular!" - Amazon reviewer

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