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Broken Rebel: A Silver Sentinel Fated Mates Wolf Shifter Romance (Broken Peak Pack Book 4)


Broken Peak Pack kind of fish out of water He's afraid of commitment and she’s on the run after witnessing something she never should have seen. But she’s his true mate and gives him hope for a future … if he can convince her he can keep her safe. Finley doesn’t want or need a mate. Broken Peak isn’t safe for a female or pups. His wolf has other ideas. When a female he’s never met is threatened, he’s convinced the only place she’s safe is at Broken Peak. Living with the Pack and him. As his mate. Maggie Iotor is running for her life to a rumored place of safety and finds a sanctuary she didn’t think existed for shifters. There’s only one problem… She needs to leave Broken Peak behind to keep the shifters who live there safe from the deranged leader of her Gaze set on bringing her back into the fold whatever cost. With her father’s life in the balance, destiny and love confront the danger head on, but will it be enough for Finley to convince Maggie everything she thinks she knows is wrong? Will Maggie turn her back on the wolf her animal has claimed as or mate and will Broken Peak lose its Rebel? Or can she accept everything Finley and Broken Peak can give her? Previously Published as Broken Disciple

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